Whites $18-$21

  1. Antxiola Txakolina $17.99
    Country: Spain Region: Basque Varietal: Hondarrabi Zuri Farming: Low Intervention
  2. Red Hook winery Pier 41 White $17.99
    Country: USA Region: NY/Brooklyn Varietal: Farming:
  3. La Val Albarino $17.99
    Country: Spain Region: Galicia Varietal: Albarino Farming: Low Intervention
  4. Camara Tenuta Mazzolino Chardonnay $17.99
    Country: Italy Region: Lombardy Varietal: Chardonnay Farming:
  5. Guidobono Roero Arneis $18.99
    Country: Italy Region: Piedmont Varietal: Arneis Farming: Low Intervention
  6. Foxglove Chardonnay $18.99
    Country: USA Region: California Varietal: Chardonnay Farming:
  7. Marsoif Bourgogne Tonnere $18.99
    Country: France Region: Burgundy Varietal: Chardonnay Farming: Low Intervention
  8. Steininger Gruner Veltliner $18.99
    Country: Austria Region: Kamptal Varietal: Gruner Veltliner Farming: Sustainable
  9. Santa Vittoria Matilde $18.99
    Country: Italy Region: Tuscany Varietal: Incrocio Manzoni/Pinot Bianco Farming: Low Intervention
  10. Shinn First Fruit Sauvignon Blanc $19.99
    Country: USA Region: North Fork, New York Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc Farming: Biodynamic
  11. Le Sauvignon des Poetes $19.99
    Country: France Region: Loire Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc Farming: Sustainable
  12. Ancarani Pignoletto $19.99
    Country: Italy Region: Emilia Romagna Varietal: Pignoletto Farming: Low Intervention
  13. Boundary Breaks Riesling No. 239 $19.99
    Country: USA Region: NY/finger Lakes Varietal: Riesling Farming:
  14. Hermann J Weimer Chardonnay $19.99
    Country: USA Region: finger Lakes, New York Varietal: Chardonnay Farming:
  15. Chat Graville-Lacoste Graves Blanc $19.99
    Country: France Region: Bordeaux Varietal: Sauvignon blanc/Semillon Farming: Low Intervention
  16. Meinklang Pinot Gris $19.99
    Country: Austria Region: Burgenland Varietal: Pinot Gris Farming: Biodynamic
  17. Selbach Riesling Spatlese $20.99
    Country: Germany Region: Mosel Varietal: Riesling Farming:
  18. Quincy Dom du Tremblay $20.99
    Country: France Region: Loire Valley Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc Farming: Low Intervention
  19. Dom Rolet Arbois Chardonnay $20.99
    Country: France Region: Jura Varietal: Chardonnay Farming: Low Intervention
  20. Quinta Couselo Rias Baixas Rosal $20.99
    Country: Spain Region: Rias Baixas Varietal: Albarino/Loureiro/Treixadura Farming: Sustainable
  21. Terre Apuane Vermentino $20.99
    Country: Italy Region: tuscany Varietal: Vermentino Farming: Organic
  22. Silex d'Orfeuilles Vouvray $20.99
    Country: France Region: Loire Valley Varietal: Chenin Blanc Farming: Sustainable
  23. Le Clos des Grillons White $20.99
    Country: France Region: Rhone Valley Varietal: Grenache Blanc/Bourboulenc/Clairette Farming: Organic

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